In The Moment

I’m taking a hiatus from my RAOKing all over Seattle (read about my personal project in my PERSONAL page) but when I do have moments of random inspiration like a few weeks ago I seek to act on them. One night I had the hardest time falling asleep and after a few short hours of broken sleep, at 4AM I got up, put on clothes, and went for a walk. Taking my chalk along with me, I remembered how much I liked being awake walking around Queen Anne at this hour. Peaceful yet a bit melancholy, the darkness and stillness of our neighborhood quiets my mind and gives me solace.

I felt very appreciative in this moment in the darkness. For being not able to sleep that night,  for being content in my life at this point, for being able to see myself as just a part of the intricate machine that is our world.

Hopefully some of the words I wrote on the sidewalks helped another to keep their thoughts and heart in the moment and not carry the baggage of the past or future with them for that day.

And of course (after no rain for a month) the clouds moved in around the afternoon and rain drops washed these words away as if they never were there. As it should be.

I love you – keep focused on the now – keep humble and appreciative of your days.

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