Music Monday

The ‘Seen or Heard’ posts are about inspiring things I’ve seen or heard around me. Today is Monday, coming off a long 4th of July weekend and I think most people are inĀ need of some motivation today!

What better way to get motivated and inspired by music? Below are two of my favorite inspiring songs, “Not Giving In” by Rudimental (I listen to this song about 10 times a day..) and “Change” by Mapei.


Have a wonderful, amazing, happy, moving, awesome day my friends.

A Heart on a Fence

I wanted to share something that moved me to tears and smilesĀ – a small cardboard heart hanging on my neighbor’s fence in the rain. It was in the same location I anonymously hung a May Day basket two days prior.

I don’t know my neighbor and he doesn’t know me though we’ve been living next door to each other for more than a year. I plan on replacing his heart with another note tonight.