Spotlight – Beautycounter



Today the spotlight is on a skincare line I recently started selling called Beautycounter. I’m no salesperson so I would find it hard to sell products that I didn’t believe in. However, Beautycounter is no ordinary skincare line – today I would like to educate you on the truth about skincare and beauty products and why I believe in Beautycounter so much.

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Spotlight – The Surin Project


I want to start introducing “Spotlight” posts sporadically that showcase a specific organization, person, animal, etc. that is making positive impacts throughout our world no matter how big or small. The goal is to educate others on the spotlighted project/person/thing and generate more awareness of their presence and purpose.

The first Spotlight post is about the Surin Project. I volunteered with the Surin Project while traveling in Thailand and I feel as though I haven’t been able to properly explain in words the impact they are making in captive Asian elephants’ lives.¬†Hopefully today I can do it justice by recounting my own experience and the complex¬†problems facing¬†captive Asian elephants and their mahouts.
(lengthy article ahead)!

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