A Heart on a Fence

I wanted to share something that moved me to tears and smiles – a small cardboard heart hanging on my neighbor’s fence in the rain. It was in the same location I anonymously hung a May Day basket two days prior.

I don’t know my neighbor and he doesn’t know me though we’ve been living next door to each other for more than a year. I plan on replacing his heart with another note tonight.

Street Art

Sometimes you find inspiration in the most unlikely of places. Humans by nature look for connections in every day life that might apply to us personally. Some see these connections as just coincidence but I believe it is fate as well. For my second act, I hope to contribute a sign of faith to a stranger that may be looking for a sign (literally and figuratively) in times of second-guessing, self-doubt or despair.

The painting I used was bought second-hand from Goodwill. I made sure it had a solid hanging wire  and was in overall good condition. By using paint markers, I could write clearly over the painting with a quote. I wanted the design to be colorful and over the top. After returning from Thailand I discovered a new love for bold colors and patterns which signifies a vibrant life to me.

On the back of the painting, I wrote a few love notes just in case it is ever flipped over or falls down.

The painting was hung (albeit rather crookedly) on a telephone pole in a non-descript location around Queen Anne.

We all need some signs to help us keep going or let us know we are on the right path. It doesn’t matter if this painting is destroyed, stolen, or brought home to hang up on someone’s wall. I just hope this sign brings clarity to someone else as it did for me while repurposing it.

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May Day

May Day 2014

When I was little, May Day was a holiday when I ran around to my neighbors’ houses dropping off homemade baskets filled with flowers (usually picked from their own gardens…), ringing their doorbell, and then running to a near-by lookout spot in order to watch them discover their anonymous gift. This practice of flower-bombing brought me great joy and hopefully coaxed at least a small smile out of my neighbors.

I wanted to start my 100 Act challenge on May 1st in the spirit of the May Day origin – the welcoming of Spring and to share good spirits with neighbors and friends.

For this I am bringing back the old tradition of leaving homemade flower baskets on their doorstep anonymously. The point of anonymity is so that this small gift could be from any neighbor. I want my neighbor to share a generous smile with other neighbors and wonder if it was the family next door who delivered the gesture or the man across the street who always brings their trash cans in.

May Day

The flowers were luckily not picked from my neighbors’ gardens and instead bought on discount because of imperfections from the local supermarket. Most of the supermarkets use dying flowers as compost and will sometimes discount the ones that may be slightly wilting or have imperfections. If you are in need of compost, make sure to ask your local supermarket for some for free!

The baskets are made from old paper bags that have been repurposed and decorated. We have hundreds of old bags under the sink that can be used for many other purposes such as wrapping paper or blank canvases. If you’re in need of inspiration, check out Donald Robertson (Donald “Drawbertson”)  on Instagram @donalddrawbertson. He is a brilliant artist/repurposer who loves the brown paper bag as a medium.

Thank you  for reading my first post – I promise all the rest will not be this text-heavy!

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