Planting Season


On Thursday night, with the help of my friend Michelle, we strung see packets on a big oak tree in the middle of Trolley Hill Park in Queen Anne.

This is one of my favorite parks because of the community garden and the beautiful flowers and trees. It is fragrant in the spring and summer and the perfect spot to have moments of deep meditation, to have picnics, or to drink wine with your best friend until late into the night.

It is also the perfect place to find some unexpected magic hanging from the Giving Tree.

The signs were made from recycled cardboard and the seed packets varied from sunflowers to tomatoes to cucumbers to basil to favorite flowers of the honeybees.

I hope the gardeners who share the community garden took some of the seed packets to plant in their patch. And I hope whoever else stumbled upon the Giving Tree found some sort of happiness from it.

Tomorrow I will cut the rest of the seeds down and take home the signs.

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