Park Restoration

Yesterday I had the chance to volunteer with EarthCorps and help with the restoration of Kiwanis Park in Kirkland. The park is located on Lake Washington and it is simply beautiful. I wanted to do some environmental volunteering and EarthCorps has opportunitites all over the greater Seattle Area.

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Cooking Matters

Today my act will be part of a small ongoing volunteer position with a non-profit organization that I’m really excited to share and raise awareness about. Part of 100acts is about exploring as many different local volunteer opportunities as possible because at least for me, until doing some conscious and engaging research, I never realized most of these easy but beneficial positions existed. I hope to share my experience so others may learn about them and spread the word and/or join me in giving back.

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Spotlight – The Surin Project


I want to start introducing “Spotlight” posts sporadically that showcase a specific organization, person, animal, etc. that is making positive impacts throughout our world no matter how big or small. The goal is to educate others on the spotlighted project/person/thing and generate more awareness of their presence and purpose.

The first Spotlight post is about the Surin Project. I volunteered with the Surin Project while traveling in Thailand and I feel as though I haven’t been able to properly explain in words the impact they are making in captive Asian elephants’ lives. Hopefully today I can do it justice by recounting my own experience and the complex problems facing captive Asian elephants and their mahouts.
(lengthy article ahead)!

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